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The Art of Delegation

Malcolm will explore the Art of Delegation in a hybrid environment, including the dynamically changing leadership styles required – mirrored against competencies and the associated risks of people working in isolation.

There have been advantages and disadvantages of these new working arrangements over the last two years, in terms of human motivation, and these are considered in terms of leveraging maximum motivation going forwards – given that hybrid environments are probably here to stay.

The concept and methodology of grip is explored in remote working and hybrid environments with regard to maintaining high employee engagement. 

The session concludes with five essential action points to take away to ensure that your new ways of working are as equally productive as ever.

Malcolm Smith 520

Malcolm Smith

Vistage Speaker

Malcolm Smith has a modern and cutting-edge knowledge of manufacturing industries, working at divisional and board level for Dow Chemical, Ascot, Low & Bonar, Britton, Courtaulds, Rexam and Inmos. He has a proven and demonstrable track record in profit turnaround in medium to large PLCs. His European experience is extensive, having made acquisitions in Denmark, Germany, France, Holland, Spain and Italy and managed large and complex multi-national Groups.

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Marko 520

Marko Illincic

Vistage Group Chair

With 25 years of experience in directing nearly all facets of business, my background includes a long-term tenure with global toy manufacturer, The LEGO Group (TLG). Beginning as a marketing assistant and rising to become an Executive Board member, I have held numerous marketing, sales and operational leadership positions whilst living and working across Europe, North America and Asia. My deep multicultural awareness, allows me to deftly navigate relationships with employees and customers around the world. I pride myself on being able to connect and engage with members of an organisation at all levels. In 2017 whilst concurrently running APAC, I was selected to join TLG’s Executive Board , leveraging my extensive operational business experience and insights to help create a meaningful, long-term corporate strategy. These assets, coupled with a balanced demeanor and very clear, concise communication style have transferred well into me becoming a Non Executive Director on external boards, most recently for British Wool.

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12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Virtual Event


12:00 pm
Welcome and Introductions - Marko Illincic
12.05 pm
Malcolm Smith
1.00 pm
Q&A with Malcolm Smith
1.15 pm
Vistage Member Ambassador Story
1.30 pm
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