You can tell a lot about a company from it's culture. How an office or a store feels can directly affect how employees perform. But how can you ensure the culture of your business encourages high performance? 

David Smith was People Director at ASDA for 9 years and helped pull the company back from the brink. By actively challenging and changing the company's management style, the culture in stores was hugely improved.

In this video David will:

  • Challenge you to consider if your hiring process is on track to deliver the right employees
  • Provides you with key tips to communicate extremely effectively with less words
  • Help you to recognise and reward employees, without spending using the 'Olypmic effect'
  • Improve your understanding of employee engagement through careful listening.
  • Encourage you to nurture talent and remove underperformers.

This 20 minute video is free to watch right now and we'll email you a link to rewatch at anytime.