Are business models the preserve of venture capitalists and internet start-ups only?

Much of the current commentary seems only to consider business models when discussing those categories. However, it is in the interest of any business intending to compete successfully over the long term to have a coherent ‘story’ of how it intends to both create value for customers and capture value for itself! In the Business Model Audit, Glen Daley explores what a truly effective business plan looks like.

What will I learn from this video?

  • How to effectively complete a Business Model Canvas focusing on the Value Propositions, Customer Segments, Revenue Streams and Key Partners.
  • What a Category Benefit is and how to utilise them, ahead of having a 'unique' sales proposition.
  • How to effectively scale and predict how competitors may respond if you step on their toes!
  • Use Ethnography and Velocity to identify the value you can deliver that customers may not know they want.
  • How to use your business model to boost your company to new heights!