The world of social media is constantly growing. With more people, accessing more information in more ways across a plethora of devices, there has never been a more crucial time to unlock the power of social media for your business.

In this presentation; Vistage US Speaker Dave Nelsen provides a comprehensive roadmap of ideas and takeaways for the rapidly evolving world of social media and social networking.

In this 20 minute 'highlights' session, Dave will:

  • Explain social media best practices including the 'Cocktail Party rule'
  • Unpack the hidden power of Twitter and LinkedIn for effective networking
  • Challenge you to dig deep and identify where your audience really are
  • Develop how you look at marketing, harnessing the power of dialogue not monologue
  • Retain control of your brand, preventing bad PR or publicity online - before it happens!
  • Identify the language you should or should not use on your website
  • Give you the confidence you need to tweet, like and share!

Dave is President of Dialog Consulting Group, a boutique consulting firm that specialises in helping senior executives develop strategies to enhance the conversations with their most important internal and external customers using proven social networking, social media and internet communication tools.

Nelsen has more than 25 years of telecommunications experience and has been at the leading edge of the social media revolution since founding TalkShoe in 2005.

"Who is your target audience and what could do that is valuable to them?"

This 20 minute video is free to watch right now and we'll email you a link to rewatch at anytime.