Lars Tewes - High Performance Sales Habits [Video]


It's often said that great sales people have the 'gift of the gab' or are great influencers but do these qualities make a good sales person? Could it be that rather than talking, listening could be the key to effective sales?

Lars Tewes is MD of SBR Consulting, a sales perfromance consultancy which specialises in creating and managing effective sales habits. Lars' expertise in sales have helped individuals to liberate their sales potetital and as a result, create improved sustainable revenue increases.

In this video Lars will:

  • Explain how the QUIS methodology can be applied to revoltionise your sales meetings
  • Show you how to effectively start consultative sales meetings in just 37 seconds
  • Help you to become a great communicator through asking the right questions
  • Develop your confidence to influence clients and 'Solidify the Sale'
  • Close sales quicker with greater understanding through asking 'Cluster Questions'
  • Transform how you see sales!

This 20 minute video is free to watch right now and we'll email you a link to rewatch at anytime. 

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