Sales is a key function in any business as it carries with it the ability to grow and shape the company by generating revenue and building relationships with customers. Therefore, this whitepaper looks at how you can ensure your sales department is running at its full potential by being responsive to the evolving and rapidly changing business environment.

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  • The position of Sales Director is truly a strategic role. One that now demands a broader range of skills than ever before. Sales is a genuine discipline, with practices, techniques and procedures that must be trained into the front line salespeople.
  • The disciplines of sales and marketing now overlap significantly. Not least because of the huge increase in availability of information and opinion driven by the Internet and social media networks. The Sales Director must be on top of all these developments and needs to understand how they affect the targetsand goals of their individual salespeople.
  • Salespeople are a vital source of customer and market intelligence. The modern Sales Director must have a strong grasp of the size of the market for their company’s products and the competitive landscape in which they operate if the targets they set for their salespeople are to be meaningful.  

Overseeing the sales function is now about much more than making sure that salespeople hit their monthly quotas. CEOs need a Sales Director who can bring all the aspects of the job together and articulate the key trends and developments affecting the company’s revenue growth. Finding a true 21st Century Sales Director is a demanding task and they don’t come cheaply. But given the pivotal nature of the role, it will be an investment well made.

Whatever your industry sector is, your size of business, your goals – We challenge you to not only read this whitepaper, but to work with your colleagues to consider the potential effects on your organisation.


The 21st Century
Sales Director