What happens when leaders align their organisations to win? This means developing the right focus, creating the right environment and getting the right people.

Filmed at our London Vistage Open Day, this 20 minute masterclass video will challenge and inspire you into a 'strategic management' way of thinking. This is achieved through focusing on the right focus, environment and people.

The right focus reflects an organisation’s strategic ambition. Gain understanding about why the annual strategic planning exercise so often fails to produce the right focus, and why strategic management is a far more effective alternative. 

The right environment is one in which everything employees experience consistently points them in the direction of the right focus. The session will outline the performance, improvement and organisational factors that leaders must align to create the right environment. 

The right people are those with the skills, traits, values and experience required to succeed. The session will emphasise the necessity of all four traits and spotlight rarely considered factors that should be requirements of the selection process. 

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