Are you A leader or are you THE leader?

It's no longer enough to be just 'a great company' because even your competitors are great. To really stand out, you need to be 'THE' company!

Are you offering A product or THE product? Do you have A sales team or THE sales team? Learn what differentiates A leader from THE leader and the ten things we need to know when switching from A to THE in our industry.

Ryan Avery’s 'Go From A to THE' will teach you presentation secrets, strategies and insights from the world’s best speakers and storytellers!

Watch this video if you want to learn:

  • Why picking the right team is key to success (and the danger of picking those who happen to be nearby!)
  • The 4 key questions to ask yourself before every meeting and conversation.
  • How to use the 25/15/5 rule to keep messaging simple, sharable and effective.
  • How to RELIVE your stories, rather than just RETELLING them.
  • The importance of body language in conveying a positive or negative message to your teams.
  • How to make a great first impression that lasts.
  • The best question you can ask when meeting someone for the first time.