While the term ‘start-up’ entered the business lexicon many years ago and is widely understood, scale-up is less familiar. In this eBook, we explore the 5 most common hurdles faced by business leaders navigating scale-up.

"Scale-up is relevant to every business leader taking their business into the high growth phase"

Our exploration of the subject starts by explaining what scale-up is and why it matters, and goes on to outline the main challenges facing businesses embarking on the process. Next we take a closer look at five key areas of company operations that are critical in navigating the hazardous waters of scale-up. Finally we bring it all together into a ‘Scale-up road-map’.

Scale Up Animation

For practical insights we turned to the Vistage Chairs, speakers and partners who have worked with hundreds of companies at various stages of the scale-up phase. To bring the story to life, we interviewed Vistage members who shared their first-hand experience of the process. The resulting case studies offer a revealing insight into what it’s really like to embark on the scale-up journey.