What does a really great customer experience look like? You can offer an amazing service to a customer or client but if all you are doing is meeting expectations they won't become advocates of your business and this is a missed opportunity!

Specialising in increasing human and organisational performance, Mark has extensive experience in creating and delivering leadership development and change management solutions. Having previously held a number of commercial management roles in the UK and Europe, he has a proven track record in making sustained measurable change to how people perform as well as bottom line results.

In this 20 minute video Mark will:

  • Explain why service really matters
  • Help you to put Customers first, turning the traditional staff structure upside down
  • Allow you to utilise staff insights to increase efficiency
  • Develop a culture that empowers and motivates your teams
  • Change the way you lead by perfecting the balance of clarity and freedom
  • Show how you can turn a negative experience into one that exceed expectations
  • Identify the drivers that make customers choose you over your competitors

This 20 minute video is free to watch right now and we'll email you a link to rewatch at anytime.