Good talent is the lifeblood of a successful organisation but how do you attract A-players to your organisation and keep them? 

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This toolkit video features 4 of the top Vistage speakers, focusing on how to attract and retain great employees as well as how to remove weak talent.

Featuring insight from:

  • Hunter Lott - Be a Destination for Top Performers
    • What's the difference between behaviour and performance when hiring? Which is more important? What should you look for on a CV when hiring? In this segment, Hunter Lott explains how best to recognise great talent as well as what to avoid in the hiring process.
  • David Smith - 7 Principles of Building a High Performance Culture
    • You can tell a lot about a company from it's culture. How an office or a store feels can directly affect how employees perform. But how can you ensure the culture of your business encourages high performance when recruiting? This insightful clip from David explains how good recruitment can improve company culture.
  • Mark Fritz - Why you Never Wash a Rental Car
    • It goes without saying that there is a correlation between employee engagement and tenure in a given role but how do you keep your best employees engaged for the long term? In this segment, Mark describes how focussing on outcomes can help employees take ownership of their roles.
  • Balaji Krishnamurthy - Developing a Corporate Culture through Intentional Leadership
    • Is a long tenure in a role always a good thing? If you have employees who aren't perfoming well, do you want to keep them for a long time? In this video, Balaji will help you to think about the tenure of your employees and whether or not it's time to rethink your company structure.

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