What worked in the past just doesn’t work anymore.  With more branded messages than ever all vying for your customer’s attention (and money), and more media channels popping up daily, it’s time for a new perspective on how to plan and implement successful marketing campaigns. 

Predatory Marketing offers an alternative approach, focussing on your competitors strengths and as a result, their weaknesses. 

The Future is Predatory Marketing will take you through a new perspective . Without claiming to be a magic bullet, Adam will cover a viewpoint that a lot of businesses overlook, often resulting in expensive pieces of ineffective communications.

In this 20 minute 'highlights' session, Adam will:

  • Explain how big brands such as Burger King have used Predatory Marketing to gain a competitive edge
  • Help identify areas where you may have a 'first mover advantage'
  • Challenge you to try something different, take a risk and move away from forgettable marketing
  • Develop how you look at marketing, identifying the solutions for customers rather than features
  • Teach you how to 'Satisfy your customers don't needs' 
  • Demonstrate the power of keeping customers loyal and encouraging second purchases
  • Retain control of your market, by identifying who has your money and getting it back!


About Adam Long

LP-Circle-Adam.png Although Australian based, Adam consults to Sony Pictures in London on their global strategy. With a degree in industrial design Adam is able to combine both strategic and creative solutions to problems. He has deployed these skills across the not-for-profit sector, the government and big business across Australia as a strategist for Step Change Marketing. Adam has been awarded as one of Australia’s ‘Top 30under30’ entrepreneurs – twice. He has a penchant for finding new business opportunities and rapidly testing them.


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