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Upcoming Opportunities:

Keith Coats - BALTIC Nicola Cook - THE BARN Mark Fritz  
North East
Vistage Open Day
Friday 1st February
120+ attendees
South West
Vistage Open Day
Friday 12th October

100+ attendees
South West
Vistage Open Day+
Friday 12th October

150+ attendees


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Benefits of Sponsorship

Form business partnerships with CEOs and business owners

Gain brand credibility with people who matter

Connect with an engaged audience who trusts Vistage-sponsored content 

Access to CEOs and business owners with buying power

Its exclusive - Invitations to events are restricted to Vistage members and their colleagues and a handful of qualified guest executives.

"The Vistage Open Day Marketplace has been a fantastic opportunity for GATE8 to build brand and market awareness within the enterprise and business travel space - a perfect one day networking event to a highly targeted audience - in summary, a marketing spend with ROI"
Allistair Callender, Chief Bag Carrier, GATE8 Luggage