How the company you keep drives leadership, growth and success

Many CEOs report feeling “lonely at the top.” Not only do they need to make tough decisions about their organisations day in and day out, but often they do so in a vacuum—without input, or even much pushback, from others.

In THE POWER OF PEERS: How the Company You Keep Drives Leadership, Growth, & Success authors Leon Shapiro & Leo Bottary introduce “peer advantage” a concept that transcends peer influence. By harnessing the power of peers, CEOs and senior leaders of small to midsize organisations come together to gain fresh perspectives, solve problems, focus on opportunities and possibilities, and make decisions that accelerate the growth of their businesses.

THE POWER OF PEERS features stories of business leaders from a range of industries to explain how peer advisory groups can be beneficial to CEOs who suffer from a “lonely at the top” mentality. The authors illustrate this through the five essential factors for peer advantage:

1. Select the Right Peers
2. Create a Safe Environment
3. Utilise a Smart Guide
4. Foster Valuable Interaction
5. Be Accountable

Beyond these five factors, the true success and magic of peer advantage comes from the peers themselves. “It’s where experience and spontaneity create extraordinary moments of kindness, wisdom, creative genius, and understanding,” the authors explain.

In the book, the authors identify the value and effectiveness of engaging with peers in four distinct ways – connecting, networking, optimising and accelerating - showing the value of each type and when and why there are needed.

CEO peer advisory groups are shining examples of what’s possible when people are committed to accelerating their growth—to stepping outside their company and industry to see beyond the limits of their individual perspective so they can learn, grow, and meet the challenges of an uncertain future. THE POWER OF PEERS reveals the magic that happens when you put great players in the right environment.

Chapter one of this inspiring book is free to download right now.

If you'd like to purchase the full book, you can do so on Amazon, here.

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