How do leaders really spend their time? Are they preoccupied with strategy? Are they focused on the present or the future? How do they motivate their people and get ‘buy in’? 

Eschewing management models and leadership theory; Jeff Grout examines the practical realities of leadership. 'What Do Leaders Really Do' will help you to identify the core skills and behaviours displayed by great leaders and implement them yourself. Jeff examines how good leaders deal with people, the steps they take to establish trust and understanding, the importance of communication and the approaches used to inspire top performance.

In this 20 minute 'highlights' session, Jeff will:

  • Explain how the 'little' talk can be as important as the 'big' talk for members of your company
  • Create and articulate a clear vision for your organisation and explain how you can lead change effectively
  • Give you the opportunity for you to reflect on your own leadership approach
  • Offer tools to add to your own leadership tool kit such as the T-Test
  • Inspire you with stories of unexpected leadership greats
  • Demonstrate the power of effective two way communication, resisting the urge not to listen
  • Push your leadership brand and inspire your teams to go further, faster!

"Everything, from the success of Chelsea Football Club, to the collapse of society is put down to good or bad leadership"


As well as the highlights video, we will also provide you with Jeff's T-Test, a series of effective questions that you can begin using within your business.