Birmingham - Jaguar Experience Centre

9th February 2024 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM

Event Overview

Vistage Executive Summit - Birmingham

Innovation. Courage. Decisions.

The Vistage Executive Summit has been crafted to inspire your leadership, equip you with latest findings in research, future-proof your business with economic insights, and most importantly, build connection with the powerful leaders in your community.

As a Vistage member, enjoy world-class leadership content and the opportunity to meet new faces in your community. Your insight and impact will make the day even more valuable!


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Event Speakers

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Roger Martin-Fagg

Economic Update

Roger is a practical researcher.  He focuses on how the economy really works and on the links between FT100 reward systems, the behaviour of banks and economic instability. He also researches his clients trading environment as a necessary component of his teaching. 

Roger has 50 years of economic forecasting and explaining under his belt. His mantra is ‘Simplicity is the end point of understanding’. He has a reputation for accurate forecasts.

The session will give you a greater understanding of economics.
We will look at the basic drivers of economic activity and show what the indicators are telling us we should expect over the next 18 months.


Matthew Syed

Matthew Syed is one of the world’s most influential thinkers in the field of high performance and cultural change.

Matthew has written seven bestselling books on the subject of mindset and high performance and has worked with many leading organisations to build a mindset of continuous improvement. 

Matthew’s book titles include Rebel Ideas, Black Box Thinking, Bounce, The Greatest, and his celebrated children’s books, What do you think?, You Are Awesome and Dare To Be You. He is also a multi-award-winning journalist for The Times and The Sunday Times and presenter of the popular BBC Radio 4 programme, Sideways. Matthew is a regular contributor to television and radio and, in his previous career, was the England table tennis number one for almost a decade. 

Matthew’s work explores a thought-provoking approach to high performance in the context of a complex and fast-changing world. By understanding the intimate connection between mindset and high performance, organisations can unlock untapped potential in individuals and teams, driving innovation and agility to secure a future-proofed environment. 

Matthew is also the co-founder of Matthew Syed Consulting and Mindset Analytics Ltd. Mindset Analytics Ltd has worked with an impressive portfolio of clients to build growth mindset cultures and drive higher performance in individuals, teams and organisations. Mindset Analytics Ltd’s cutting-edge thought leadership programme and digital learning tools are becoming a catalyst for real and lasting change within business and the public sector.


The Jaguar Visitor Centre - Castle Bromwich, Birmingham, B35 7RA
9th February 2024
08:30 - 15:30

08:30 am

Registration Opens - Breakfast and Networking

09:15 am

Welcome and Introductions

09:40 am

Roger Martin-Fagg - Economic Update

10:30 am

Coffee Break

11:00 am

Sponsored Breakout Sessions

12:00 pm

Hot Lunch and Networking

13:00 pm

Keynote - Matthew Syed

15:00 pm

Summit Close


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