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How the Gig Economy is Transforming knowledge work and how you can become 10% more productive 

This workshop is designed to give participants a glimpse into the multiple ways that work is being transformed by gig economy models.  Participants will learn about the “Gig Economy”, “Open Talent” and “The Human Cloud” and see the influence that these models are increasingly having on the way we work.  Through examples, case studies and practical working sessions, delegates will learn how to use gig economy platforms to enhance their own working life.

Why it’s of interest and significance to CEOs and business leaders?

Digital technology has transformed business over the past decade, particularly focusing on improving customer experience and delivering operational efficiency, while employment and physical working models have remained largely unchanged.  The increasing trend for remote, distributed freelance style working models is now transforming the way employers can access talent and opening up a global crowd of experts able to provide critical skills to UK based businesses as an alternative to traditional employment, outsourcing or consulting.

Being provided with the tools and techniques to be able to use these models themselves, delegates will be able to be more efficient in their professional and personal lives.

Key Points Covered

  • Data points and macro-economic examples of how the world of work is being transformed and why
  • Examples of the companies embracing open talent and Innovation models and the results of their work
  • Examples of the many open talent platforms and examples of when and how to best utilise them
  • Future predictions on employment models and trends to be prepared for
  • An overview of employment regulations and other constraints to be aware of
Barry Matthews 520 Bio

Barry Matthews

Vistage Speaker

Barry Matthews is Founder and Managing Director of Re-source.  Barry is an expert in open talent, outsourcing and consulting and combines his experience of these areas of industry to help global enterprises to digitally transform talent access.  

He has established and led multiple consulting firms in this space and is a respected speaker, writer and thought leader on the future of work and open talent.  He leads an expert team of consultants who are pioneering new and disrupting traditional operating models and in doing so democratising opportunity for a global crowd of experts.  

Re-source's mission is to redefine the future of work through "open talent". They believe that the strategic adoption of open talent is fundamental to the success of digital business. As consulting experts in open talent and outsourcing, Re-source helps enterprises to embrace open talent at scale to achieve their optimal mix of internal and external, physical and digital resources.

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Robyn 520

Robyn Robertson

Vistage Group Chair

With passion, I inspire business leaders to live their best lives; and that fuels everything I do. My goal is to inspire the few to influence the many; so that together, we can make the world a better place.

Clients tell me, they find the energy and enthusiasm I bring to all my coaching relationships, both motivating and inspirational. Also, they say that I am unique in my personal feedback; which encourages the debate and informs the decisions. Executive clients like the fact that I hold them to account; to ensure that they deliver on their stated commitments.

My depth of experience, across a wide variety of industries, means I am well equipped, not only to understand leadership concepts and practices, but also to challenge beliefs and behaviours. This is underpinned by my qualifications as a licensed NLP practitioner and Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapist.

As a fully accredited Master Executive Coach I know that no-one is as smart as all of us together. So, I work with CEOs, MDs, business owners and senior executives; developing leadership capability to improve personal, team and business performance. In addition, I run Robertson Fox Ltd, a leadership development company I founded in 2006.

‘Amateur’ dancer, singer, pianist and ‘edutainer’, I keep adding new strings to my bow. I relish new experiences – Improvisation Theatre is the latest addition; along with being creative in the kitchen. A marathon runner, I enjoy sport (I’m better at watching than playing!), and I love finding opportunities to meet new and interesting people. 

All of this means that as a Vistage Chair I lead vibrant and purposeful CEO groups and it adds to the life-enhancing experience people gain when they work with me.

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12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Virtual Event


12:00 pm
Welcome and Introductions - Robyn Robertson
12.05 pm
Barry Matthews
1.00 pm
Q&A with Barry Matthews
1.15 pm
Vistage Member Ambassador Story
1.30 pm
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