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Strategically Managing Change 

Managing Change is an important subject at a time when organisations have to introduce new processes, and modify old processes, in order to remain competitive. The impact of frequent change, or infrequent but significant change, on people can often be de-motivating and negative. It doesn't have to be though. This workshop is designed to help understand how and why people react to change. The more we understand people, the better we can implement change initiatives, maintain productivity, and maximise the effectiveness of everyone involved.

This is a particularly relevant topic now that business is responding to the impact of Covid and re-visiting their goals and strategic plans. 

Sue Firth 520

Sue Firth

Vistage Speaker

Sue is a highly acclaimed international expert and keynote speaker on Stress and Stress Management. Sue regularly runs bespoke corporate and open programmes, workshops and seminars. She spends the rest of her time coaching Executives on a 1:1 basis. As a Psychologist Sue has developed a number of skills, principally, observation and analysis of human behavioural patterns and throughout the course of her work she enables people to increase self-esteem and confidence by removing negative thoughts and changing long-held damaging self-belief traits. Her style is engaging, motivating, sensitive and down-to-earth. Her refreshing approach and techniques are key to the process of the support she gives to people. Sue helps individuals and businesses become more productive, purposeful, successful and profitable.

She also runs a private practice in central London and Surrey where she lives.  It is a private and confidential service that helps people when they are particularly stressed, unhappy or lack the tools from their own experience to remedy a situation. Used to dealing with very private people who want their privacy protected, this is not a counselling service, but a shorter method that delivers results fast to bring about change. Situations Sue has helped with, include direct reports who are struggling with a lack of Emotional Intelligence or have low self-esteem; anger management at any level of the organisation, relationship difficulties and handling painful experiences in the past. To review Sue's expertise, the techniques she uses and testimonials.

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GT 520

Graeme Thompson

Vistage Chair

I work with many business networks in my capacity of Non-Executive Chair, Executive Coach & Strategic Advisor.

I build relationships in order to fully understand what it is that you want or would like. Only then can I serve you to achieve that outcome.

I am a Board Chair, former Chief Executive & Business Growth Specialist bringing a creative force to the development of business strategies for ambitious SMEs to drive cultural & organisational change.

My earlier career found me in senior leadership roles in the entertainment technology sector, I then became Chief Executive Officer at the world’s largest entertainment technology trade association, I am now able to leverage this background to build collaborative internal relations & external business presence on a broader stage.

I have a proven track record advising on the start-up/scale-up of multinational commercial operations to drive sustainable growth while providing businesses with a customer-facing presence to clearly communicate & present their core vision.

Additionally, I have several Non-Exec/Charity roles in my portfolio, including currently acting as Chair for Wimbledon Civic Theatre Trust and Trustee for the Light Relief Charity.

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12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Virtual Event


12.00 pm
Welcome and Introductions - Graeme Thompson
12.05 pm
Sue Firth
1.00 pm
Q&A with Sue Firth
1.15 pm
Vistage Member Ambassador Story
1.30 pm
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