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Live Your Life on Purpose

Welcome to ‘Live Your Life On Purpose’.  Crafted for the ambitious business leader, this brain-based, practical and actionable session will help you increase your clarity on what matters to you and help you further optimise your personal and professional life.

This webinar is full of psychological intel and reflective coaching exercises to help you further understand yourself, what deeply motivates you and how to increase your drive and resilience.  

By uncovering a clearer psychological sense of purpose, we activate physiological drivers of greater motivation, connectedness and wellbeing; ultimately enhanced levels of performance and deeper fulfilment in life.

In this 60min session, you will cover:
  • Your Brain on Purpose
  • Mastering Personal-Professional Life Symbiosis
  • Dr T’s Life High 5: your greatest motivational drivers
  • Dr T’s SWANS: the five-point formula for enhanced mental performance
  • Dr T’s A to Better:  Purpose-driven goal setting 
  • Q&A with Dr T


Join Dr Tharaka for this personal development deep-dive to further empower you to Live Your Life On Purpose!
Dr t 502

Dr Tharaka Gunarathne

Vistage Speaker

Dr T is a three-times TEDx speaker, Podcaster and has recently appeared in the new celebrity TV series in the UK – “Can I Improve My Memory?” on Channel 4. As creator of the ‘Mind, Action, Profit’ Blueprint, with his unique Medical background and motivational style, he brings his ‘mind and performance’ insights to professional audiences around the globe in order to help them improve their personal wellbeing, effectiveness, leadership, teamwork, focus and concentration.

He believes that when you ‘manage the mind, you can manage your bottom line’.

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Keith Stewart

Vistage Chair

I have a keen interest in helping people improve their organisations. My particular strengths are in operations management, finance, sales & marketing, people development and strategy. Having spent most of my career in corporate life I carried out a management buy-in of a long-established family company in 2003. The business nearly doubled its size over the ensuing years and I exited in 2015.

My career as a Vistage chair is linked to my "Why?". I want to continue my involvement in business which has been a lifelong interest, I want to keep my thinking fresh and current and I enjoy helping people grow and conquer their challenges.

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12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Virtual Event


12.00 pm
Welcome and Introductions - Keith Stewart
12.05 pm
Dr Tharaka Gunarathne
1.00 pm
Q&A with Dr T
1.15 pm
Vistage Member Ambassador Story
1.30 pm
Event Close
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