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The CEO's Journey: Growth Through Sales and Marketing 

Join Vistage members and member candidates from across the country for these topic-driven, powerhouse events featuring renowned keynotes, guided discussion sessions, nationwide networking, and more. This event is being held in person for Vistage members in CE, SB and Key groups and Vistage Chair guests. Member colleagues, alumni, speakers and all others are welcome to join us virtually, whilst we live stream the event. 

In this age of hyper-connectivity, every interaction with your company or product makes or breaks the next one. What story are you telling? As CEO, your vision determines the narrative — both for your customers and internal teams. For your people, you drive the growth strategy — from competitive advantage to how you connect with customers. Step outside the day-to-day to ignite your creativity and return to your team newly motivated.


Bonin 520 x 520

Bonin Bough

Hackonomy 2.0: Combatting Crisis - Growth in a Post-COVID19 World

Hackonomy 2.0 is a next-level interactive presentation that demonstrates how to maintain business growth in a post-pandemic world. Although it might sound counter-intuitive, Bonin Bough will show that the only way to combat the economic impact of the recent COVID-19 crisis is to create value by breaking things. Whether it’s breaking from tradition, process, or simply “the way we’ve always done things” this presentation will provide tried-and-tested models that enable audiences to keep their company on a growth trajectory during this challenging time.

Learn how to drive innovation across your organisation from someone who did it at the largest companies in the world. Bonin will share how he took brands like Oreo, Cadbury's, Pepsi and Gatorade and helped them to drive strategic initiatives and develop leading-edge marketing campaigns. You’ll learn how break-through communications, combined with customer data, is set to create an entirely new and direct relationship with the consumer.

* How to overcome the tired ways of thinking and innovate the way you approach growth 
* The value of following human attention and the evolution of technologies 
* Personal and professional benefits of the a growth hacking mindset 

A question that attendees should ask themselves to prepare to listen to the content:

How to overcome tired ways of thinking and innovate the way you approach growth.

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520 Thomas

Thomas Barta

The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader: How to Succeed by Building Customer and Company Value

Thomas Barta is a former partner of McKinsey—and a world-leading expert, author and speaker on customer leadership. Each year, Thomas speaks at countless conferences and events for Fortune 500 companies such as Adobe, Google, IBM, and SAP. Thomas’s columns appear in Marketing Week and Forbes. 

Stop managing—start inspiring growth
How to grow a business in times of rapid change and market disruption? Thomas Barta provides a radical perspective: make everybody inside the firm a customer leader.
The “Silo Inc.” has stopped working. In the age of 24/7 customer interaction, customers are too impatient, too well informed, too powerful. To make sustainable growth happen, firms need brave customer leaders. Based on the world’s largest ever study on customer leadership, involving over 68,000 executive assessments, Thomas proves why leading for customers is hard— even for the CEO. Hear how one CEO speech can kill growth for years, and why great technical experts may simply be the wrong people you need to grow. When it comes
to business impact, leadership trumps technical skills.

For growth, firms need leaders who spark passion, who inspire big dreams, who break down silos, who dare to ditch their job description. People with fire in their eyes. No firm can manage its way to growth. What we need now are brave leaders who dare to ignite innovation and inspire change in the people around them. Hear the stories of today’s most successful change-makers. Learn what it takes to be a customer leader. Be the spark that lights the fire.

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In-person 09.00 AM - 15.00PM

Virtual 09.00 AM - 12.30PM


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