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Economic Update and Vistage Research 

We will review the latest developments in the Global economy with an emphasis on the UK. We will correct any misleading commentary by mainstream media.

The emphasis in on behaviour not out of date modelling (none of the major models have equations for covid)! The results of the member economic conditions survey so far have aligned with our forecasts. Any disconnect will be explained.

A simple but accurate approach is taking money supply growth, adjusting for its velocity and any particular Government policy, to create a view of output, inflation, the exchange rate, employment, asset prices. These will all be presented to create an 18 month forward view.

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Roger Martin-Fagg

Vistage Speaker and Economist

Roger is an economist turned strategist. He began his career in the New Zealand Treasury, then moved into Airline Business Planning and teaching postgraduates all aspects of economics.  He designed and ran the postgraduate diploma in Airline Management for British Airways before joining Henley Management College in 1987, where for 21 years he taught senior managers macroeconomics and strategy.

Roger is an independent teaching consultant. He has been external examiner to Bath University, worked with the Bank of England, three of the major UK clearing banks, advised a major London recording studio for 15 years, and regularly talks to SME owners in the UK and Europe about economic trends. He is a visiting fellow to Ashridge, Warwick and Henley business schools.

Roger is a practical researcher.  He focuses on how the economy really works and on the links between FT100 reward systems, the behaviour of banks and economic instability. He also researches his clients trading environment as a necessary component of his teaching. His book “Making Sense of the Economy” is in its fourth reprint.

He speaks at conferences around the world on the economic outlook and its impact on business. His quarterly Economic Update is sent to 1,200 SMEs

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Joe Galvin

Chief Research Office, Vistage Worldwide

Joe Galvin is Chief Research Officer for Vistage, the world’s leading executive coaching organisation for small and midsize businesses.
In this role, Joe is responsible for providing Vistage members with the most current, compelling and actionable thought leadership
on issues, topics and decisions of small and midsized business CEOs.

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12.00 PM - 1:30 PM

Virtual Event


12:00 pm
Joe Galvin
12.30 pm
Roger Martin-Fagg
1.30 pm
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